Twin Baby Registry - What to buy?


What do you need two of for twins? What was most helpful? What did you not use at all?


What we found most helpful:

  • Two rock and plays (great for letting them nap pretty much everywhere and easy to take in the minivan to grandparents, etc)
  • A swing - we only had one - but quickly went to two. They loved it and it was great for some extra help in the sleeping department (there isn’t a lot to go around)
  • A good double stroller. We have gone through our fair share of strollers, and everyone is different - what works for one family may not be the best for you - so shop around and test drive them if you can at your local baby store.
  • Lots of cloth diaper inserts (even if you are not going to cloth diaper!). These were really helpful. They have an absorbent padding in the middle, which is good for cleaning up spills, dribbles, and everything in between. Also a great burp rag!
  • A small, portable cooler. It was invaluable for keeping milk, etc with us when we went out - it fit in the stroller, the car, over our shoulder, etc.
  • Mini-Cribs. They are amazing. Half the size of a full crib (which we had for our singleton, and it was way too big to try and fit two in a room), significantly cheaper, and light. Our girls have used them for two years now, and they are still working well. The model we have also converts to a day bed, which is our next step as they transition to big beds.

If you are looking/thinking about getting a new or replacement car with twins:

  • Consider a minivan. You’ll appreciate the space, doors (sliding), no idea to step up, and room for car seats and all the stuff you will take. If you have (or are considering) other children - seats for them as well.